Group pic - June 09

People - Alumni

Hayley Buchman | UROP Undergrad Researcher (13-15)

Project: birth of circadian enhancers from transposable elements




Ray Malfavon-Borja | NIH/NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow (13-15)

Now at the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity at the University of Washington, Seattle

Dissertation: "Learning from the past: Searching for novel TRIM, CypA, and TRIMCyp antiviral factors in primates." [with Harmit Malik and Michael Emerman)

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Clement Gilbert - Postdoc (08-11)

cedricNow Junior Group Leader ("Charge de Recherche") at the CNRS unit 'Ecology, Evolution, Symbiosis' at the University of Poitiers, France (his hometown!)




Sarah Schaack - Postdoc (with Ellen Pritham) (09-10)


Now Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

Other facts: Sarah rocks and blogs



Sun Cheng - Postdoc (with Ellen Pritham) (09-10)

cedricNow Postdoc with Rachel Mueller at Colorado State University





Qi Wang - Ph.D Student, Biology (07-10)

Project: transposon-derived conserved noncoding sequences





Mahima Varma - M.S. Student, Biology (08-11)

Project: Functional studies of human Tigger transposase-derived genes in human and Drosophila PIF transposase-derived genes.



Marcel Guibotsy - Undergrad, Biomedical Engineering

REPCLASS master!




Diwash Jangam - Undergrad, Biology

Project: Genetic analysis of PIF transposase-derived genes in Drosophila

Daniel Szalay - M. S. Student, Biology (with Esther Betran) (08-10)

Project: Genetic analysis of PIF transposase-derived genes in Drosophila






Maria Dao - Undergrad, Honor's College ('10)

I am currently investigating the distribution of the OposCharlie1 transposon in squamates as an undergraduate student at UTA, majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. I was born in the USA but my country of origin is Vietnam. My hobbies include racket sports, art, cooking, outdoors, hanging out, and shopping ^.^




Jaime Flores - Lamar High School, Arlington, Texas ('10)

I am originally from Mexico City and now temporally living in Arlington. I attend Lamar High School and I've had the pleasure to be part of the Feschotte lab as part of a co-op program from my school. What most interests me in biology is bioengineering and the medical applications and benefits it may yield. Although my main curiosities are oriented toward a field that is not restricted to genomics, my research in the Feschotte lab focuses on the detection of certain DNA transposons in a variety of turtles, crocodiles and birds. Otherwise, I like mountain biking, soccer, fencing and chilling with friends.




Sharon Hernandez - Undergrad, McNair Scholar ('09-'10)

About me: I was born in Alpine, Texas and my country of origin is Mexico. Honors and scholarships include Gates Millenium, McNair and National Society of Collegiate (UTA Chapter). In the Feschotte lab, I study the distribution and evolution of Space Invaders transposons in reptiles. Recently I presented a poster of my work at the SACNAS National Conference in Dallas, Texas and at the McNair National Conference in Wisconsin. Beside science and nature, I like photography, hiking, films, David Sedaris, Bob Dylan, my black guitar and my harmonica!





Brandon Lopez - Undergrad






John McCormick - Undergrad, Senior, Honor's College

John first worked in the lab about a year ago, successfully cloning several human Tigger-derived genes in expression vectors. He then joined the lab of Skip Garner then at UT Southwestern, where he worked on the application of microarrays to species identification (see MBE paper here). Now back in the Feschotte lab, John is investigating the function of TIGD1 in human cells.




John Pace - Ph.D Student, Biology ('05-'09)


Graduated Fall 08!
PROJECT: DNA transposons and mammalian genome evolution

Now Postdoc with Sara Sawyer at UT Austin and now running gels! [no kidding]


Don Hucks - M.S. Student, Biology ('05-'08)


Graduated Spring 08!
PROJECT: Evolution and function of human transposase-derived proteins

Now tech at Vanderbilt Medical Center. He enjoys writing and has launched 'under the curve' an excellent science blog.



Claudio Casola, Postdoc ('06-'07)


Now postdoc at Indiana University with Matt Hahn and married to Michelle Lawing. Yeah!




David Maxfield - Undergrad, Junior, Honor's College ('08)

PROJECT: Discovery of novel endogenous lentiviruses. He is co-author on a recent PLoS Genetics paper on endogenous lentiviruses in lemurs.



Daniel Moore - Undergrad, Senior

PROJECT: Evolution of endogenous retroviruses in mammals.


Marlena Clark - Undergrad, UNT

Marlena volunteered during summer '08 as a research assistant. Her work contributed to our study of SPIN elements, and she is a co-author on the PNAS paper.


Stephanie Ethofer - Undergrad, Sophmore, Biology

Stephanie worked on the cloning and expression of human Tigger-derived proteins


Jeff Lucas - Undergrad, Junior, Biology


PROJECT: Evolutionary history of mariners in mammals


Ashlea Denton

Ashlea worked in the lab during summer '07 as a Louise Stokes Alliance for Minority fellow. She is an undergraduate at UT San Antonio.


Marguerite Shaffer

Marguerite worked during summer '07 as a volunteer research assistant. She is an undergraduate at Cornell University.


Rebekah Campbell



Graduated June 07 (B.Sc., Honor's College)



Ahmad Gaber



Graduated June 07 (B.Sc., Honor's College)



Zeina Abdallah

Fall '04- Fall '06. Senior Undergraduate, Honor's college, Graduated Fall '06.


Nirmal Ranganathan





2004-2005. Graduated June 2005 (M.Sc, CSE). Now a software developer at Acxiom


Rebecca Hafer






Spring 2006. Soph. Undergrad, Honor's College


Joe Jacocks





Spring 2006. Senior Undergrad (with Paul Chippindale)


Tasneem Pultiwala





Spring 2005 - Spring 2006. Senior Undergrad, Honor's College. Now a Masters student in Bioengineering - UTA


Swalpa Udit




Fall 2004 - Spring 2006. Senior Undergrad, Honor's College. Now a MD student at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas